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When a player comes to one of our mini-camps or clinics, they experience much of the same advanced teaching and instruction offered to elite High School All-American, NCAA, and NBA/WNBA players, but broken down progressively so every player in attendance can handle our methods. Our first-class events promise to be the most innovative and skill development driven experiences offered in the Midwest. Our events are typically kept small with a premium on individual attention and repetition.

Why are they called mini-camps? Typically day camps or overnight camps have over 100 players in a single camp session. We limit the attendance of our events because they aren’t the typical basketball experience. Many of the drills players participate in are in groups of two or three, instead of mass lines seen at the aforementioned traditional day or overnight camps.

Who should attend a Pure Intensity mini-camp or clinic? These events are for  those who can’t commit to long term training due to travel time or other factors. These events feature our same ground breaking skill development curriculum in a compact, highly intense format that allow players to get a 1-4 day elite training experience they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to receive.

A Pure Intensity mini-camp or clinic isn’t just another one day shooting clinic or five day feel good basketball camp. It’s an investment in the participants future both on and off the court.  One aspect of these events we take great pride in is showing the players how to workout on their own. Whether it’s solo or with a partner, we’ll show those who attend an event how hard to go and give them the tools necessary to reach their final destination.

Mini-Camp / Clinic Structure: 70% of event activity is drillwork to improve triple threat, dribble triple threat, creating space with the dribble and out of the triple threat, NBA dribble moves, high/mid/low post moves, pick and roll options and execution, shot mechanics, intense game speed shooting drills, moving without the ball, weak hand development, finishing, footwork to finish, jump roping, reading the defense, decision making, and innovative chair, cone, medicine ball, and tennis ball drills, and more.

30% of event activity is game play, where the attendees can practice what they have learned in a game like atmosphere. Games we play are instruction based, consisting mostly of structured 1 on 1, with some 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 play.

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