Packed inside this 450 page guide is everything needed to take your team or program to the next level. Use the same off-season, pre-season and in-season cultural enhancers, preparation techniques, coaching concepts and practice methods and drills that many of the best programs are using to win conference, city, district, section and state championships. Whether you’re establishing or improving your coaching philosophy and methodology, looking for pre-game and in-game strategies that’ll produce more wins or in need of purposeful practice drills that’ll produce tougher players with increased skill and IQ, we’ve got you covered.

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BE ELITE | TEAM Development Guide:

– Free to Choose – Free to Change – The Power of the Mind
– Success is a Habit
– Culture is King
– Developing a Program
– Developing a Successful Youth Program
– Developing an ‘I Will’ Agreement
– Targeting Team Success
– The Foundation of Team
– Motivating Your Players
– The Parent / Coach Relationship
– Why You‘re Losing Games
– Surviving a Losing Season
– Stop Focusing on the Refs
– Making Mistakes: Acknowledge, Learn, Move On
– Season Killers
– Overcoming Adversity
– Developing a Coaching Philosophy
– How to Thrive as a Coach
– The Do’s and Don’ts of Coaching Basketball
– Teaching Basketball
– Things Great Coaches Do
– Lessons Learned while Coaching College Basketball
– Emphasize Less to Win More
– Maximizing Your Coaching Staff
– The Successful Assistant Coach
– Successful Game Coaching
– Being Effective in a Timeout
– Dealing with High Maintenance Players
– Pre-season Checklist for Coaching Basketball
– Promoting Pressure in Practice
– Work Ethic in Practice
– Planning Productive Practices
– Structuring Your Practices
– Maximizing Practice

– Developing a Master Practice Outline
– Improving the Effectiveness of Your Practice Drills
– Effective Practice Guidelines
– Emphasize What You do Most
– Getting More Out of Your Practices
– Basketball Scouting Procedures
– Track These Stats to Win More Games
– Getting More In-Depth on Deflections
– Getting Ready for a Game
– In-Game Strategy
– Offensive Points of Emphasis
– Reading and Beating Ball Screen Defensive Strategies
– How to Reduce or Minimize Turnovers
– Special Game Situations
– Late Game Situations
– End of Game Points of Emphasis
– Preparing for the Postseason
– Postseason Points of Emphasis
– Team Defense: How to Stop Anyone
– Defensive Musts
– Defensive Points of Emphasis
– Should You Force Baseline or Middle?
– Excel at Transition Defense
– Late Game Defensive Strategies
– Offseason Coaching and Development
– Offseason Practices/Workouts
– Ball Handling Drills | Drill Database
– Defensive Drills | Drill Database
– Finishing Drills | Drill Database
– Passing Drills | Drill Database
– Rebounding Drills | Drill Database
– Shooting Drills | Drill Database
– Small Sided Games | Drill Database
– Practice Plans 1-10

Here's a Closer Look at Some of the Drills Inside the

BE ELITE | TEAM Development Guide:

30+ Ball Handling Drills:

Improve Ball Security & Decision Making, Cut Down on Turnovers and Remain Calm & Confident when Pressured.

35+ Defensive Drills:

Enhance Closeouts, Master Help & Recover Situations and Defend Ball & Off-Ball Screens Better; Plus More!

30+ Finishing at the Rim Drills:

Finish Through Contact More Consistently, Add Advanced Finishing Techniques and Improve Toughness at the Rim.

30+ Passing Drills:

Sharpen Your Passing, Cutting & Screening Skills, Get Open Easier, Play Faster and More Efficiently Than Ever!

20+ Rebounding Drills:

Develop Tough, Physical and Competitive Rebounders that Finish Possession with a Secured Rebound.

75+ Shooting Drills:

Get Your Players Game Shots from Game Spots at Game Speed that Will Translate to More In Game Makes.

25+ Small Sided Games:

Improve Your Offensive Reads and Reactions Using these Effects and Purposeful 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 Games.

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Pure Intensity Basketball:

Get RESULTS Using the Concepts and Drills Inside the

BE ELITE | TEAM Development Guide:

The Eastview High School Varsity Girls Basketball team went an impressive 115 – 13 from 2011 – 2015 placing 4th in 2012, 3rd in 2013, 1st in 2014 and 2nd in 2015 in class 4A (largest). They used much of the material found within the BE ELITE | TEAM Development Guide to do it. Here’s a closer look at how they did:

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Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.


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