Packed inside this 270 page guide is every drill, skill, teaching point and IQ attribute needed to take your game to the next level. Use the same workout routines and techniques we’ve used to help players secure scholarships to schools like Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado and Bucknell. Whether you’re a point guard, wing or post looking to develop foundational skills or advanced skills: you’ll find everything you need here. Inside we’ll show you how to build your own progression based workouts to ensure you’re maximizing your results. You’ll find similar guides and skills curriculums elsewhere for $150 – pick ours up today for $79!

– Individual Skill Development Philosophy
– Developing a Productive Skill Workout
– Free to Choose – Free to Change – The Power of the Mind
– Success is a Habit
– Reaching Your Full Potential
– Becoming Mentally Tough
– Foundational Characteristics of Great Players
– The Foundation of Team
– Landing a College Basketball Scholarship
– Identifying Next Level Talent
– Intangibles Matter!
– Are You Committed, or Just Interested?
– How to Stand Out at Tryouts
– How to Earn More Playing Time
– Characteristics of Great Players
– Becoming a Dynamic Scorer
– Kobe Bryant’s Approach to Watching Film/Studying Others
– Maximizing In-Season Performance
– Track these Stats to Win More Games
– Play 1on1 to Develop Individual Skills
– The Elite Players Daily Self-Affirmation Poem
– General Individual Offensive Objectives
– 10 Commandments of Offensive Development
– Concepts of Emphasis
– Quadruple Threat
– Attacking Your Defender Out of the Quadruple Threat
– Shooting the Basketball

– Being Shot Ready
– Characteristics of Great Shooters
– Shooting Slumps: How to Approach Them & How to Fix Them
– Rebounding
– Setting Screens
– Traits Great Point Guards Possess
– Developing Higher Point Guard IQ
– Point Guard Specific Points of Emphasis
– Developing Higher Wing Guard IQ
– Off-Guard/Wing Specific Points of Emphasis
– Becoming a Dominant Post Player
– Developing Higher Post Player IQ
– Post Specific Points of Emphasis
– Form Shooting | Drill Database
– Stationary Ball Handling and Passing Teaching Points
– Stationary Ball Handling | Drill Database
– Finishing Teaching Points and Methods
– Finishing at the Rim | Drill Database
– Ball Handling on the Move Teaching Points
– Moving Ball Handling | Drill Database
– Multi-Skill Teaching Points
– Multi-Skill/Game Situation | Drill Database
– Shooting Teaching Points
– Shooting | Drill Database
– Defensive Teaching Points
– Player Workouts 1-10
– Player Workout Plans
– Half Court & Full Court Diagrams

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Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.

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