Pure Intensity Basketball is a basketball skills development company based in the Twin Cities. Over the past 6 summers, we’ve booked Skills Camps in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. The feedback we’ve received on these camps has been very positive. They are an outstanding opportunity for your players to sharpen their fundamentals and learn some new skills too. They are a great way to energize your players and get them excited about off-season improvement, which is critical for deep runs come playoff time!
For a full list of the programs we’ve worked with, CLICK HERE.
The clinician, Daniel Makepeace, served as Varsity Assistant at Robbinsdale Cooper High School for the girls basketball team for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons. In 2017-18, Cooper was 29-2 and won the Class 3A Minnesota State Championship. The following season, Cooper placed 4th in the Minnesota State Tournament.
Daniel was also on staff at Eastview High School serving as Varsity Assistant for the girls basketball team for two seasons, 2013-14 and 2014-15; in which Eastview went 61-3 and placed 1st in 2014 and 2nd in 2015 in the Class 4A Minnesota State Tournament.
Daniel currently serves as a Varsity Assistant coach for the girls basketball team at Providence Academy.
We’ve also trained many players who have received full basketball scholarships to play in college. Some of the schools our players are currently playing at include: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Marquette, Kansas State, Yale, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Colorado State, Cornell, Creighton, Bradley, Bucknell, Marist, New Hampshire, Texas Christian, Missouri State, UNC-Charlotte, North Dakota, North Dakota State, South Dakota, South Dakota State, Northern Iowa, George Washington, Georgetown, Air Force and Seton Hall among many others!
For a more detailed list of some of the players we’ve trained, CLICK HERE.



· Tuesday, May 31 – Booked
· Wednesday, June 1 – Booked
· Thursday, June 2 – Booked
· Friday, June 3 – Booked
· Saturday, June 4 – Booked
· Sunday, June 5 – Booked
· Monday, June 6 – Booked
· Tuesday, June 7 – Booked
· Wednesday, June 8 – Booked
· Thursday, June 9 – Booked
· Friday, June 10 – Booked
· Saturday, June 11 – Booked
· Sunday, June 12 – Booked
· Monday, June 13 – Booked
· Tuesday, June 14 – Booked
· Saturday, June 18 – Booked
· Sunday, June 19 – Booked
· Saturday, June 25 –
· Sunday, June 26 – Booked
· Thursday, July 7 – Booked
· Saturday, July 30 – Booked
Last year we filled all of our open dates plus some additional dates requested.
If you’re interested in a day not seen above, please reach out and we’ll make another day work!



Camp Structure:

70% of camp activity is Triple Threat Development and Footwork, Attacking Closeouts, Ball Fakes, Starting and Stopping without Traveling, Ball Handling to Improve Handling Pressure, Ball Handling to Improve Shiftiness, Weak Hand Development, Finishing on a Primary Defender, Finishing on a Secondary Defender, Finishing in Transition, Finishing through Contact, Breaking Defenders Down Off the Dribble, Moving Without the Ball and Playing Off of Penetration and Using and Playing Off of Off Ball Screens. We are happy to focus more on any aspects you feel your players struggle with!
30% of camp activity is Small Sided 1v1, 1v2, 2v1, 2v2, 2v3, 3v2, 3v3, 3v4, 4v3 and 4v4 game play, where players will be put in game like scenarios using the skills we’ve worked on throughout the day. These games will get them working on new skills, boost their confidence and improve their IQ and decision making.


Skills Camps are 5 hours in length with one 10-15 minute break at the halfway point. Specific start and end times are determined based on what works best for you and your players – we could begin in the morning or the afternoon.


Your gym! No travel time for your players!


$1,200 for one 5 hour clinic – If 20 players commit to the clinic, they would each pay $60. More players would result in a lower fee per player and fewer players would result in a higher fee per player.

Included Materials:

BE|ELITE Team Development Guide ($119 value) and 128 Small Sided Games PDF ($49 value) for the Head Coach. Online streaming access to our 10K Shooting Program ($50 value), Quick Handle Ball Handling Program ($40 value) and Finishing Moves DVD ($40 value) for every player that attends.
We’re very excited to include online access to our shooting and ball handling programs and our finishing moves DVD! That way you know your players have detailed workouts they can follow to ensure progress is being made with purposeful training over the course of the off-season.


BE|ELITE Team Development Guide

We will include our BE|ELITE Team Development Guide ($119 value) for the Head Coach. More info on that book HERE.

128 Small Sided Games PDF

We will include our 128 Small Sided Games PDF ($49 value) for the Head Coach. More info on that PDF HERE.

10K Shooting Program

We will include online streaming access to our 10K Shooting program ($50 value) for every player who attends the clinic. More info on that program HERE.

Quick Handle Ball Handling Program

We will include online streaming access to our Quick Handle Ball Handling program ($40 value) for every player who attends the clinic. More info on that program HERE.

Finishing Moves

We will include online streaming access to our Finishing Moves DVD ($40 value) for every player who attends the clinic. More info on that DVD HERE.


Our Skills Camps are typically for grades 9-12. For camps in smaller communities, grades are usually 7-12.

Yes, camps can be Co-Ed. In smaller communities, they often are Co-Ed.

We don't have a minimum or maximum as far as attendance goes. We've run camps with as few as 6 players and as many as 70 players - it's more about player to basket ratio. We strive for no more than 8 players per basket. That way we're able to keep players moving and engaged and avoid lines and standing around.

Yes, to inquire about rates and availability for a multi-day camp, please contact us.

Yes, some high school programs will host a youth camp the day before or after their high school skills camp. Others will split a one day camp and go 2.5 hours for their high school program and 2.5 hours for their youth program. If interested in having us work with your youth program, please contact us.


“Pure Intensity Basketball is an exceptional skills development program. Their attention to detail and passion for the game are second to none. I would highly recommend Pure Intensity to anyone wanting to take their game to the next level.”

Lindsay Whalen

University of Minnesota Head Women's Basketball Coach

“I love the way Daniel breaks the individual skills down as well as challenges each participant to get outside of their comfort level and improve through failure. They work hard, make mistakes and learn in the process.”

Ruth Sinn

University of St. Thomas Head Women's Basketball Coach

“Danny utilizes challenging drills that focus on every detail, coupled with effective teaching techniques to enable the players to reach their potential sooner and more consistently. He cares about player improvement and getting players to work hard to be their best.”

Liz Carpentier

Farmington High School Head Girls Basketball Coach

“Danny came to our school for two hours of skill development. I was impressed to the point of trying to immediately schedule another session. I have watched a lot of basketball training and Danny does the best I have seen. Quite simply the girls improved dramatically in a short amount of time.”

Ellen Wiese

Eden Prairie High School Head Girls Basketball Coach


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